Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Happenings in Annapolis Royal

Last evening we checked out two great Halloween experiences in Annapolis Royal. First we dared to go inside the Haunted House at the Sinclair Inn where we encountered a number of spirits from the past and wondered for a while if we would ever be able to return to present day. This was very well done and even provided a little ghostly historic education from previous times in our area.

From the haunted house we went on to Goblets & Goblins at the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens. Under the cloak of darkness the gardens provided an excellent venue for Halloween tricks and treats. The decorations throughout the gardens were great, including a carved pumpkin bonfire. The fire was burning in the Acadian cottage and there were a number of samples fresh out of the wood oven. We also took in a ghost story provided by non other than our own Mayor Phil Roberts, who was wearing his horns.

No doubt this is going to become an annual offering, so you should put it in the calendar for next year, and plan to include a night at the Hillsdale House Inn of course.

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